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Monday, December 08, 2014


Hi Myrna,
Thank you for being a guest on my radio show today. I love to support people I respect and believe in.  You�re the real deal.  I love that. Thank you for doing the four readings on the show.
Phyllis King, host The Common Sense Psychic radio show

Hi Myrna Lou,
Thank you SO much for the palm reading.  Wow, it is really affirmative.  Last night I read it over quickly before our study group--I am now on my way to the library to print it out so I can study it in detail and refer back to it often.  Good news about the soul mate!  Who knew, though a psychic reading by a powerful channeler (at least his guides are powerful) said that someone would be coming in in about two years and he described half of him .  Your reading was quite accurate, though I would not have admitted so many positive things about myself.  That is one area in which it will be helpful.  I was such a duck out of water in the culture I grew up in that people mostly though I was an alien from another galaxy.  Glad I have a few more years to keep working on things.  It is great to have an approximate time to leave earth--death doesn't particularly bother me, I don't think, but I do want to finish some things and be prepared for leaving gracefully.  It might be nice to take off from Hawaii.

Monday, November 10, 2014


Come on over to Sandman Books if you live on the Gulf Coast of Fl.
On Sat. Nov. 15, noon to 3 PM 10-12 Florida authors will be chatting up their books. Sandman Books has used and new books.

Located at 16480 Burnt Store Rd., Punta Gorda FL

I'll be reading palms for free for anyone who purchases any of my 4 books.

Announcement: My updated website is up

Come on over to my recently updated website:

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Upcoming Book Fair in Sarasota FL

I will be in a Book Fair at the Art Center, 707 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota FL on Oct. 25. Hours are 10 AM to 3 PM. Sharing the booth with another writer and it should be a fun day for everyone. We are in Booth #22. Come on down and visit us and the other writers who will be gathered here.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Author Newsletter

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Radio IOnterviewl Funky Writer Show

Note from host of the Funky Writer radio show. Hello Myrna Lou, I just listened to the show and it was fantastic. You were so articulate and down to Earth. Thank you so much for coming on. Below is the link to the show. Best of luck in all you do. Robert, Host Funky Writer Show

All about Myrna Lou and Palmistry

I am: Master Palmist Soul Mate Specialist Speaker Teacher Matchmaker Myrna Lou ​Life, like a stream, moves in an endless cycle of experience;the rites of passage must be endured by everyone. A Palm Reader ca​n listen and advise. There are many lessons to be learned. Every line on the human hand has a meaning with numerous possibilities connected to it. A person might move in several different directions during their lifetime; the trick is to find the right combination and make the correct moves at the proper time in love, work and play." Dear Myrna Lou, Yesterday you read my palm and said I had the best soulmate area on my palm that you have ever seen. We took a picture and I have attached that picture. You have my permission to use this picture on your website and in your new book. I hope that if you put it in your book you will send me a signed copy I would really like that. You can use my name if you would like. Thank you for the wonderful reading yesterday you've given me a lot of hope for my life." Thank you Christina McKeon Email me a picture of your Dominant Hand and we can arrange a palm reading! Fee is $100 -- With tape recording $105 *Member Advanced International Organizations *Global Palm Reading Network with 751 hand analysis experts from 54 countries *Member Hand Analysis partners in N America *Memer of: *Member Boulder Healers Association WHY HAVE A PALM READING? Palm reading helps in problem-solving and it guides one’s thinking to achieve inner peace and fulfillment. Palmistry addresses challenges. There is insight in a palm. I read lives one palm at a time with heart and I listen.

Saturday, August 23, 2014


My latest effort in writing, my paranormal fiction CRUISE TO THE OTHER SIDE A Metaphysical Journey is out! It is available from me, or from It can also be purchased at and Barnes & Noble or from your favorite neighborhood bookstore.$14.95 plus shipping. Next blog will carry the first 2 chapters.

Thursday, August 14, 2014


On August 23 I will be a guest on the Funky Writer Radio Show. It is coming from NY. Time for the show is 6 PM EST, 4 PM Colorado time zone. I will be discussing all of my books and how I came to write them. My latest book, CRUISE TO THE OTHER SIDE will be available before August is over and I am very excited about that as this is my first attempt at writing fiction. Of course there is a palm reader in the story. I knew just how to write that part!