Soul Mate Connections

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Boulder Creek Festival Boulder CO

Myrna Lou Goldbaum

I have worked at the Boulder Creek Festival for nine years as a vendor; I am a palm reader. This year I read 85 palms during the three day fair. On Saturday the weather was perfect and I saw 33 hands in the tent I shared with Sandra-Ka Holiday, who also reads palms and the Tarot cards. The next two days were grey, dismal and cold. On Sunday I read the palms of 31 people. On Memorial Day, which typically is the busiest day for all the readers in the Body Mind and Soul area I read 21 palms, mainly due to the rain and closing the booth early.

What I observed about the fair this year: it was not the same old same old. There were new and improved events and in some areas need for improvement and change is necessary for the 2006 fair. One complaint: The entertainment tent was a bit too close to our area as far as noise was concerned. The acts were diversified and looked interesting and were well attended but that tent used to be further down the parking lot in the center of the food vendors. This year it was located at the far end of the lot; it was difficult at times to hear and be heard because of the music. The area where Whole Foods had the orange tents with an organic display with free samples was well received and was quite popular.

Of all 85 palms I studied and discussed in the tent during the fair two of them were young boys who caught my attention. The first, brought to my tent by his mother was Nicholas Miller, age 9. He was interested in learning all he could about palm reading, especially when I explained I learned the craft at the age of 10 when I was a fourth grader. He will be in fifth grade next year and is mature for his age. He contemplated every detail of his reading and asked me intelligent questions about his life, going to college in the future and his friends.

On the same day another mother came to me with her 10 year old son, Shannon Owen. He too was remarkable and I learned more than he did from his reading. He is also mature for his age, and asked questions throughout his reading. He paid close attention and liked what I had to tell him about his young life.

I will be on site next year reading palms again at the Boulder Creek Festival.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Symbolism of the date 05-05-05

Yesterday the local newspaper, the Daily Camera in Boulder Colorado had a reporter call to ask me about the signifiance of the date 05-05-05.

The headline read Symbolism by the Numbers, Searching for Love, Looking for Luck on 05/05/05. Then Again, Maybe Not.

The date is quirky but it means something to some people in Boulder County.
Palm Reader Myrna Lou Goldbaum, aka The Soul Mate Specialist said it was a particular day to fall in love. Because the number 5 in numerology = good luck. Palmist Goldbaum said 3 fives is a triplicate and that is really good luck. If you add three 5's it comes to 15. Then broken down 5 + 1=6 which stands for love and romance in the numbers game.

Since it is springtime and a young man's fancy turns to love at this time of year, we are in the season of love. Goldbaum said today would be the perfect day to start a new relationship or take an existing one to the next level. The Palmist warned that things come in threes so a person may look for more than one good deed, love or doing something special for their sweetheart on this date.