Soul Mate Connections

Monday, July 18, 2005

Casting Call in Boulder

600 others and I stood in a hot (98 degrees outside) line for over an hour and half on Sunday, July 17th for the chance to appear as an extra in the movie "CATCH AND RELEASE". This movie stars Jennifer Garner in a Sony Motion Picture film that will be filmed in Boulder Colorado next week.

The call went out for all types of people, all ages, looks and abilities. Several hundred wanna-be hopefuls will be used in the movie in scenes shot on the Pearl Street Mall or by Colorado University on the hill.

It was quite an experience just being in the crowd, making friends and seeing all the commotion. From little children and their parents to dogs, some dressed up, to people with their mountain bikes, even a guy on a pogo stick, the atmosphere was charged with energy.

In a few days I will hear if I made the cut or not. The producer liked my head shot and asked if it was done by a professional. At least they know who I am if nothing else.

Excerpt from my book SOUL MATE CONNECTIONS


Relationship Mistakes

In the beginning of any male-female relationship there are six mistakes to avoid.
1. Not asking enough questions
2. Ignoring warning signs of potential problems
3. Making premature compromises
4. Giving in to blind lust right away
5. Giving in to seduction
6.Putting commitment before compatibility

Couples who share similar values have more success in having a harmonious, lasting relationship. When there are opposite value systems tension is created which can cause fighting. When they are Soul Mates, all things are equal and easy, the same as if both people have been together previously.In Soul Mate encounters this is true, for both have been on this planet before as someone else and because they have a karmic debt to repay, one way or another their path crosses in this lifetime and they “CONNECT”.

In choosing the right partner one must look for character, not just looks or personality. A common thread should be there too where both have things in common, similar interests, ambition, goals for the future.

1.Commitment to learning; personal transformation
2. Emotionally open; compassionate
3. Integrity,honesty
4. Maturity,responsibility
5. Good self-esteem, being self confident
6. Self-improvement
7. Positive attitude
8. Sharing ideas,opinions,feelings
9. Trustworthiness
12.Pride in self
13.Good self image
15.Sexual chemistry

I am with my soul mate and I know what it feels like to be with your other half. It is simply WONDERFUL!