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Sunday, February 06, 2011



5 MAYO HEALING ARTS CTR Class 10, Lecture noon, Readings 1 Cheyenne WY

12 SINGLES SUMMIT 6-11 PM Red Lion Hotel NE Denver CO

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Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Inspiration by Sri Gawn Tu Fahr.

I woke up this morning with a sparkle in my eyes; I inhaled love’s sweet atoms and drank your warm skies.

Whenever I’m near you my atoms rise and undulate like windblown waves upon a moonlit lake.

A loving heart can never be overfilled; it flows like a resplendent waterfall into the hearts of others. For those who are willing, it just keeps on filling.

You astound me, the way you wrap yourself around me. I love the way you fill me up, and when you drink me up, I can feel your light and taste your sound inside me.

Inspiration is a magic elevator in your heart. What floor are you on? Or have you already blown the roof off your mind and set yourself free?

Intuition is allowing spirit, the voice of God, to be our guide. It beckons from beyond the mind, bringing bounty, joy, and opportunity into our lives. Intuition offers creative solutions to our problems. Open the petals of your inimitable heart, sweet soul, and accept God’s gracious love.

Spread your wings and fly so high,

Straight through the sun into a brand-new sky,

You’ve gotta open up and let it go,

Open up your heart, and let the good love flow.

It is a very good thing to have abilities in your faith. Why not kick it up a notch and have faith in your abilities? Get off your divine butt, and start spreading the love.

Generosity is an open faucet, a resplendent waterfall, a torrential river and an endless ocean; it is all these things and more.

The creative energy of spirit uses human beings to express itself through various art forms. You are a living, breathing canvas for spirit’s light and sound, which can inspire and uplift others. Use your glorious heart to paint life with broad, sweeping brush-strokes of warm love.

I didn’t set out to write a book. Gradually, I became aware that it was writing me. I surrendered and became Spirit’s pen.

An inspired soul is one through which spirit’s love flows like a glorious river of light and an ecstatic song of joy. The sublime sweetness of spirit’s holy breath always brightens and enriches the lives of others.

You’re the drum in my heart, beating so strong; I’m spirit’s sweet echo, singing your song.

You spin madly like a cyclone across my wild terrain, stirring love deep in my heart and wiping out my brain.

I didn’t realize I was sleeping until I woke up (to the truth).

Life is for living, and love is for giving, so give it all you’ve got.

I love flying in your wondrous sky. I didn’t realize I could get so high.

Sometimes you are a rain-filled cloud, then suddenly an ocean, and then you whisper like a brook and stir up my emotion.

Each life is a footstep; a lifetime of experience followed by another. Just because you wallowed in mud yesterday doesn’t mean you can’t ride a comet across the sky today.

I am a crazy little cyclone spinning ’round your heart, drenching you with golden droplets of liquid love.

When words of love pour from my pen, I know they are not mine; it’s Spirit’s breath I share with thee, God’s precious love sublime.

Trigger-happy, eh? Are you shooting from the dark side or the light side, the outside or the inside? Imagine your heart as a beacon of love, lighting the worlds and the skies up above.

Leap upon your fast winged horse, O noble rainbow warrior of love. With a smile upon your breast and lightning bolt in hand, you disperse all doubt and darkness and reveal the Promised Land.

Fill me up, drink me up, and lift me up to the God worlds of divine love.

Load my love into your sacred slingshot, Great Spirit. Shoot me far and deep into the glorious heart of life.

A grain of sand am I upon your beach of love; your gentle breath doth lift me up to God’s true home above.

Why waste your life chasing dreams? Set yourself free, and let them catch you.

I am a grateful chalice accepting spirit’s endless stream of light and sound. Spirit is the giver, and I am the river through which love flows.

I have completely overdosed from a massive injection of divine love. There is no known cure, and fortunately, it’s highly contagious.

As I soar the deep blue skies of your incomparable eyes, the shimmering love light from your heart uplifts and purifies me.

Upon inner reflection, I reach a love connection intersection, which sends me to your sweet perfection.

Only God is God. We exist because of God’s love and we are all God’s children. Love is a gift from God, which we share with others. Round and round and round it goes, this is how God’s sweet love flows.

I don’t know how many lifetimes it has taken me to reach this point. Lately, inspiration moves through me like a golden arrow as I behold the sweet sound and light of love in each of your beautiful hearts. Your brilliance gives me wings and sets me free.

I am your kite without a string, and you are my everything.

Have you ever stopped to look around and wonder why things are or gazed into the cobalt sky at a distant shining star?

Have you ever stopped to listen to love’s permeating sound, the celestial music of the spheres that all the saints have found?

Sweet love, skip my heart across the ocean like a stone. I’m coming home!

There’s no point in being a bird if you don’t spread your wings and fly.

Love is always beautiful. Gaze into the mirror and see for yourself.

Occasionally, rivulets of divine inspiration drip out of my consciousness and trickle into my heart. At other times, spirit’s love rushes forth like a mighty river and tears asunder the confines of my mind.

Blue waves a-rollin’,

Gentle breeze in the air,

Sparkling eyes of little children,

Love is everywhere.

We are all composed of the same spiritual atoms, but as individual children of God, we express ourselves uniquely. Ka-boom! A supernova of divine love bursts from our hearts.

Life is for living, and love is for giving, so give it all you’ve got.

Unleash your power, love and wisdom; allow the brilliance of your golden heart to show you the way.

Why flicker like a flame when a roaring fire burns inside?

Spirit knows what is best for us. Divine inspiration comes in many styles, fashions, degrees, aromas, colors, etc. By relaxing, we allow spirit to work through us. Learn to recognize the nudges, opportunities, and wonderful gifts awaiting us at every turn.

Sometimes I think like Eckhart Tolle, and then I feel like Rumi; sometimes there’s Einstein in my wine as Dr. Seuss flows through me.

Spirit speaks to those whose eyes and ears are open. It might be the look in a stranger’s eyes, a friend, a child’s smile, a passage from a book, a movie, our pets, music, dreams or a loving embrace. Look, listen, and be grateful for spirit’s love.

Hand in hand we walk along the shores of life. Whitecaps foam and whisper tales, then disappear again.

In a dream, I walked naked through a shimmering valley, high in the sacred mountains of a distant world. The air was warm and moist; the ice I trod upon sparkled like precious jewels. As I neared the precipice, I became intoxicated with joy. Suspended high above me in a liquid azure sky, three golden suns drenched my perfect body with benevolent rays of pure liquid love.

How high is high?

How deep is deep?

How far is far?

Dare you peep?

How long before you rise above

into the worlds of God’s sweet love?

Thou art the sun, the prism, and the rainbow. Thou art soul, child of God, perfect and free.

If you love to write, draw, paint, teach, or any other creative endeavor, chances are you excel at it. When we love to do something, we do it well because it comes from the heart. Make time in your busy life to do what you love; everyone benefits, including you. Allow the sweetness and splendor of your inimitable love to shine from within.

Tears of joy flow like a mighty river from my heart whenever I behold your brilliant countenance.

Thou art the candle, and I am the flame. I burn forever in thy name.

You are never alone. Gaze into the brilliant splendor of your incomparable heart. You are freedom, love, power, and wisdom. No one—including all spiritual teachers, guides, and masters—can give you what you already have. Love is all there is.

I am a feather floating upon the waves of God’s lovely laughter. Cradle me in your arms, sweet spirit, and carry me into the bosom of your heart.

I am not here to serve humankind. I serve only God. Spirit’s love flows from my heart and sees to it that humankind is well served.

Your imagination is a most wonderful gift, so use it in a positive, creative manner. Perhaps you imagine that your heart has wheels, sails, or even wings. However you see it, know that your heart can set you free. As soul, you are a divine instrument through which the love of God flows. Imagine that, eh?

If you truly look for goodness in every heart you meet, joy will greet you every time with a tender kiss so sweet.

You arrived on the breath of a wind,

and sparked my fire within.

That’s when my life began

on the road to understanding love.

There’s no limit on dreams, and your heart is boundless, so what the heck are you waiting for?

I feel like Rumi on a rocket as I zoom across the heavens with your warm heart in my pocket.

A person whom a dimwit considers to be brilliant is nothing more than a slightly brighter dimwit.

Some people love to get off,

and some love to get it on.

Some love to get on with it,

and some just don’t get it.

Some prefer the get-go,

and some just gotta go.

Some like to get it over with,

and some like to go get it.

I decided to forget it

and let it all go

and I have never regretted it.

Imagination creates worlds of unlimited possibilities. Lack of imagination creates worlds of unlimited impossibilities.

I am not a person who likes to still my mind by concentrating and passively withdrawing from the outer world. I prefer to play with the endless streams of thought as they flow through my consciousness. I marvel as they reveal a cornucopia of divine possibilities. This active world of contemplation is my source of inspiration.

I love being chased by my dreams

as I frolic here and scamper there.

Come on little dream; catch me if you dare.

Listen to the sound of the river. I’ve got something to give her deep in my heart.

I enjoy being a beach on the shoreline of your love. Your warm iridescent waters beckon me with each wave as you pull me from the sand. I’m a sandman flowing through your hands.

The light of you is all I see; with darkness gone, now I am free.

Wrap your loving tendrils gently ’round my heart,

hug me warm and deep,

Wake me from this ancient slumber,

lift me from my sleep.

Whenever I behold thy brilliant countenance, I am a heavenly feather filled with joy as I ride the sacred wind within your precious heart.