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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Radio Show Contest

Nov.7, 2005
Hi Everyone,
I just tried out with Peter Boyles Monday AM on his radio show. Tuesday, by midnight, people are supposed to vote for their favorite host guest. Please help me win this contest!

You can listen to a snippet of my time on the air with Peter first and then vote. Maybe you can vote in your kids names, neighbors, parents too.

Out of 65 applicants I placed in the top 10. Now the top 5 will be chosen by votes and they will all go to the Convention Center on Sat. Nov. 12 to work in a remote KHOW booth for 2 hours, each pitted against the other to find the strongest candidate. On Sunday Nov. 13 the top 2 will compete and the winner gets their own show plus a trip to Mexico on Frontier for 2.

Go to
I think you will then go to Peter Boyles & “WHO WANTS TO BE A RADIO SHOW HOST CONTEST”. The rules will be there. It should explain how to vote. I was in the last day of the competition. From all the comments I have received today it went well.
On Nov. 9, 2005 I was called by the radio station and notified that I won the top 5 for KHOW's show and will be working in their remote booth Sat. 11 to 1. We each get 20 minutes to do our own show there.

At the end of the show on Saturday the five candidates were assembled with the audience and the top names were called out for the competition. I was one of them. I squealed in delight and told the staff I would gladly return the next day to do another show, this time high noon for the head on competition. We were given 30 minutes to run our own show on Nov. 13, 2005. With commercials, traffic, weather, and news it came down to 18 minutes each. I did quite well, read the palms of two from the audience and took 6 phone calls live on air. My opponent was the Assistant D.A. from a nearby town in his thirties. He won by 1 point. I earned 88, he had 89.

So now he and his wife will be going to Mexico on Frontier and staying at a resort plus he will get his own show. What did I get? A lot of free publicity and exposure; to date many e-mails and phone calls where I am booking readings from this experience.

I will keep doing what I love to do, reading palms and writing about them. I have 3 books published so far and I’m writing the fourth now on the palms of children, age birth to 18. Not too many people are able to work in the filed they love and love what they do so I feel blessed in that respect.