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Friday, March 25, 2005

My book: Diary of a Palm Reader

My book, DIARY OF A PALM READER is quite a fun read. It contains 42 palm reading sessions taken from my clients between 1956 and 2003.

Excerpt from the book:

Dear Diary,
Here is a collection of human stories I feel worth reiterating. All names have been changed to protect client confidentiality. This is a complilation of forty-two absorbing, encapsulated stories from a pre-selected group of them that I have uncovered through palm reading sessions over the last fifty years. I have experienced euphoria after having heard the many wonderful narratives that end cheerfully. I have felt distressed when hearing of a client's misfortune, and I have suffered with them with mental anguish too. I have discovered facinating minutiae encompassing the lives of my clients.

I consider myself capable, a qualifed palmist; I have logged and documented in excess of 33,000 palms. I always follow a strict policy of encouraging my clients in the free thinking process. I do not predict, I advise. As a professional Palmist I have read the hands of my playmates, school friends, college students, movie stars, neighbors and co-workers. I have conducted formal palm reading sessions at school functions, for my child, at club events, for entertainment agencies who send me out to corporate affairs as an entertainer, and yes, even for myself.

One of the palm reading sessions taken from DIARY OF A PALM READER:


While working at a newspaper in Dayton Ohio I met a young colunmist who drove in weekly from Miamisburg, an adjoining town. She arrived at the office with her written columns, then lounged around the editorial department waiting for her galleys. My assignment: typesetting her copy on the hot metal linotype equipment. She proofread her own columns (three each week). We quickly formed a warm friendship and traded smart quips back and forth while I worked on her material. She was aware I was a part time high school student and confided in me she was a few years older than I. Her name was Erma Bombeck.

I was transferred to the Classified Department when Erma came looking for me one spring day.

"I've heard the juicy gossip around the newspaper plant you read palms. Will you read mine?" she inquired.

"I'd love to ready your hand Erma," I replied. "I'll sign out and we'll find a quiet place with good light around here."

We sat down on a sunny stairwell with intense light from a high ceiling window. I distinctly remember Erma offered me both of her hands.

"Which palm do you read?" she asked, "I use both of my hands for everything."

I replied, "After I study you a minute I'll know which one I want."

"You go girlfriend. Do whatever you need to do," she laughed.

I peered closely at both palms and discoverd she was truly a left and righ-handed individual, her brain developed evenly on both sides.

"Your Life Line isn't overly long," I began, "I see that it details life into your seventies where you will cram a lifetime into the years you are here," I said.

"What else do you see?" she asked, interested.

"Your Love Line is a perfect textbook example, showing only one marriage, at age twenty, to a man a few years your senior. It's a solid, unbroken line denoting a heavy duty connection, the man of your dreams," I explained. "I see that you possess many talents and that there is untapped potential within you, abilities yet to be discovered. You could have been a teacher, a trainer or even a tour guide because you have a knack of expressing yourself, a dramtic flair that makes people pay attention to you; they comprehend your message easily."

"That's really good news! I love writing; it is my way of expressing. I can take an every day situation and poke fun at it. I always look for humor in everything I come in contact with and make fun of myself too," she admitted.

I stated, " Work is important to you. Because you have two small children it is better that you work at home. You get to mother them and write too, which allows you the best of both worlds. Your creativity hasn't hit full tilt yet. You are just beginning to touch the tip of the inceberg."

"Oh, you are so full of it!" she laughed, "I would love it though if you were right about my writing career. When I sat down you mentioned my brain was developed on both sides. I don't understand the concept."

"I defined the concept by saying, "If you were only able to function with your right hand the left side of your brain would be active as the logical, methodical, practical one. The right side of your brain would be the creative one, the dreamer. If you were left-handed it would work out to be the opposite. In your case both sides of your brain are equally active all the time."

"So, I'm a unique human being?" she joked.

"You are what you make of yourself. I believe you are poised, competent, self-confident, an individual who loves life and lives it to the fullest," I answered.

"I am pretty happy with my life," she replied. "I wonder, did you hear, my column is being picked up by the Cox newspaper oganization, going into syndication. Am I excited! It means more paychecks, more interviews, more exposure. I'll be standing tall!"

We discussed her children, a boy and girl. She wanted to know if they would have any siblings. I noted four marks on her baby finger, indicating four possible pregnancies.

"I hope this comes true, we do want four kids," she laughed. "I wonder, should I write a book? I planned to only write stories about the suburbs, my home life, similar to my column. Would worldly people be interested in ready my autobiography?" she asked.

"Your Work Line is lit up like a Christmas tree which tells me you're really in tune to writing a book. The idea is appealing to you and I feel you will do it. After you have mastered the first book I see you will continue writing books," I counseled.

"When do you see me gaining popularity with the public? I'm twenty-seven," she offered.

"You're on the cusp of fame now. I see a period spanning over forty-five years of a successful writing career here," I pointed at her palm.

"I cannot thank you enough for this stimulating and enlightening palm reading Myrna Lou! I'm going straight home to think about the book writing idea," she gushed.

We hugged each other warmly and parted company.

Review of Diary of a Palm Reader

Covering a wide diversity of subjects, from Elvis to murdeer, incest to an out of control birthday party, this easy to read, perfect to dip-into little book has it all. The descriptions and stories behind Myrna Lou Goldbaum's palm reading sessions span over fifty years of readings. The stories are always entertaining, sometimes shocking, always insightful, and often deeply moving.

The book is very well presented, clearly indexed, and carefully set out. It has a wonderful insightful dedication, and lovely apt quatations at the end of every chapter. It even lists the seven reasons you should buy the book on the back page.

Buy the book, and keep it on your coffee table, or in your drawer at work to dip into now and again. Buy it for a friend or as a Mother's Day gift. I recommend it.
Janet Darbey, BA Honours English
Freelance Writer, Editor, Book Reviewer
Published writer of articles, short stories and novels

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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Today is my first post and I invite you to come back often.

My name is Myrna Lou. I am a Palmist, Psychic and Author of 3 palmistry-based books. I am the Soul Mate Specialist, the Love Psychic.

My book, SOUL MATE CONNECTIONS, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Relationships, Love, Romance and Soul Mates is on my web site. It has valuable information on how to find a soul mate, how to recognize one if they are in your life, where to accidently bump into yours, and mistakes not to make this time. It gives 15 qualities to look for in a mate and suggests questions to ask when you first meet someone.

On March 18, 2005 I won 2 writing awards from Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA). I won first place in the Self Help/How-to category for PALMISTRY 101. I won second place in the Misc. category with WHY PALMISTRY? I was awarded a year's free membership in the organization too.

Check out my website to see what I am up to these days.