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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What Do the Colors of the Rainbow Really Represent?

I came across this sheet I have held on to forever containing information about colors and rainbows.
It is pretty informative and a keeper.


RED = activity, strength and challenge. It promotes heat and is the color of passion;
it is the symbol of the creative force behind every new cycle, ruled by planet Mars.
Rosy Pink is the color of Universal Love.

ORANGE = optimism, enthusiasm and courage. It gives bodily energy and mental stimulation. It is the color of the sign Leo, indicative of leadership ruled by the Sun.

YELLOW = Intellectual power, happiness and joy. It purifies the whole body, especially the skin. It is a mental stimulator for the logical mind and reasoning powers. Gemini is the astrological sign ruled by the planet Mercury.

GREEN = balance, harmony, peacemaking, growth, healing and love. It is the color of nature, soothing and restorative. It brings a feeling of renewal, freshness and healing. Green represents the sign of Cancer.

BLUE = inspiration, creativity, faith and devotion. It rules the power of speech and self-expression. The blue ray is directed to earth through the sign of Taurus and is ruled by the planet Venus.

INDIGO = spiritual perception and intuition. It clears and cleans the psychic currents of the human body. Indigo flows through the water sign Scorpio with the ruling planet of Pluto.

VIOLET = divine realization, humility and creative imagination. It is used to assist in the development of spiritual intuitive facilities. It is the visionary ray and works through Aquarius, ruled by the planet Jupiter.


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