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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Earth Hour on March 29 8 to 9 PM

The momentum is building for Earth Hour-8 to 9 pm, March 29, 2008. The global movement to shut off the lights for one hour to make a bold statement about climate change. More and more individuals, businesses, and even cities are planning to participate. Together, we'll deliver a powerful message to the citizens and leaders of the world about the need for action on climate change.

Earth Hour is an opportunity for each one of us to take action, influence others and start a wave of change that alters the course of climate change. But turning off your lights is just the beginning. What can one person do in the face of a global challenge? Here are some easy tips to help you make a big impact:
Make it Happen

It's easy and free to be part of the Earth Hour movement.

Be sure to be counted. Sign up for Earth Hour and commit to turning off your lights on March 29 from 8 to 9 pm local time.

Urge your friends, family, colleagues and contacts to show their support.

Blog about Earth Hour. Add an official Earth Hour web banner to your blog, website, or online page. Or start a conversation about climate change when you wear Earth Hour stickers you can print at home.

Spread the word. Earth Hour could be just the excuse you've been waiting for to knock on doors on your street or in your building. Ask them to go dark. Create your own event, such as a neighborhood Earth Hour celebration.

Reach Out, Speak Out, Get outside and gaze at the night sky during Earth Hour!

Shutting off non-essential lights for Earth Hour on March 29 will give you some time to think about how you can be smarter about the Earth's resources.

You don't have to sit alone in the dark. Talking about protecting the planet for future generations can make for a very pleasant evening. Couple your conversation with some organic chocolate (dark, of course!) and make Earth Hour a night to remember.

Earth Hour is on a Saturday night. If the weather's good, try a picnic under the stars. Ask your favorite restaurant or bar to dim their lights and participate in Earth Hour.

Plan a get-dark party for Earth Hour. The younger crowd can host a slumber party complete with scary stories, hold an acoustical jam session or bring friends together to do some dancing in the dark.
Don't worry about decorations;it will be dark!

Check in with a local astronomy club about star gazing events. The night sky provides its own light show. Here's your chance to take a break and soak up the view.

You can still text in the dark. Make a list of all the ways you are going to reduce your energy consumption: unplug unused appliances; change to compact fluorescent bulbs; properly inflate tires; adjust your thermostat. Text your list to others and challenge them to make their own lists. Check other lists for ideas you may have forgotten.

The Earth Hour idea has captured the hearts and minds of people all over the world and I hope that it has captured yours. I look forward to participating in Earth Hour at the same time as thousands of dedicated supporters like you.
Thank you for being a part of this amazing event.


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