Soul Mate Connections

Friday, May 02, 2008

What is a Soul Mate? Relationships


The greatest relationship is the one that we have with ourselves for that determines the quality
of the relationship we have with others. The basic purpose of a relationship is to provide mutual
support for each other. The ability to provide this kind of nurturing support to someone other than self is a precious gift. The basis of any relationship requires respect, autonomy and mystery. Any relationship can be a spiritual path toward enlightenment, however it must be built on truthful
communication where neither person feels superior all the time. In a solid, successful soul mate
relationship the leadership shifts back and forth between the couple, where some days one partner
is in control and has all the bright ideas and their partner goes with the flow. The next day the
creative ideas may flow and develop from the other person. Neither partner is always the leader or
the follower.

Soul mates come to this lifetime searching for their other half. When the connection is made they do not have to return in future lifetimes for they have completed what they came here to do.

Soul mates blend and connect on the following levels:
Physical Appearance
Religion (higher belief system).

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