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Monday, March 31, 2008



If you are interested in learning the occult medium of palmistry now is the time for you to take my Oriental Palmistry class.

I will be teaching a class Sat. April 19 from 1 to 3 PM in Denver at FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE BOOKSTORE, 4383 Tennyson St., Denver CO. If you want to get in on this class call 303-964-9339 A S A P.

I will conduct palm readings from 4 to 8 PM that day too if you want to sign up for a time slot.

I guarantee after two intensive hours with me you will be able to read anyone's palm.

Fee: $100.00 This includes Myrna Lou's palmistry book, a $19.95 value, titled MAY I SEE YOUR HAND? Palm Reading for Fun and Profit.

A hands on period is utilized. There is a test at the end to see if the students can use what they have learned.

This is a fun-filled, fast, entertaining class that will show you how to read first your own palm and then your family and friends, "no problem".

I love what I do and get to do what I love, which is anything Palm Reading from lecturing, teaching, participating in fairs, corporate events or conducting private readings. Palmistry is my life.

If you want any information above and beyond what you read here call me and I'll elaborate. 303-651-6273.


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