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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Love - A Definition


Another designation for the Love line is the Heart line. Both imply romance, powerful feelings and elevated emotions. Early love experiences are lines found on the thumb side of the hand, running toward the center of the palm. Marriages visualize as a wishbone–shaped line representing two individuals in a union. Each side of the wishbone equals one partner; at the connection they are “one”. An unbroken wishbone line reveals harmony in the relationship. Chop marks represent choppy, uneven times in the relationship. Engagements, terminated relationships, the greatest love affair of the century, and everyday marriages, all of these connections are visible on the Love line. Experiences that impressed one as well as pain, hurt and despair show up on the Love line. Deep marks are telltale evidence of a person’s roller coaster love life.


Did I choose the right mate?
(A three-part question)
1. Is this my Soul Mate?
2. If not...will I discover my Soul Mate?
3. How will I recognize my Soul Mate?

In later life, will I be as happy and content with this person as I am today?

Will our emotional connection remain solid and endure through the years?

Are we opposites or alike?

The wishbone lines on a palm represent a romantic interlude, an involvement. It can be a marriage or union of two people or may be due to enforced separation, such as parents keeping a boy away from their daughter, or a divorce or death.

If the wishbone line has marks surrounding it that are not similar:
Divorce visualizes as a slash mark across the bottom of the wishbone line; a flat line creating a triangle.

Death visualizes as a broken line and appears etched on the palm. It is located at the bottom of the wishbone line. There is an opening by the edge of the wishbone; it is not closed and cannot create a triangle.In both cases, finality is clearly marked.

The wishbone lines represent numerous years spent in a fulfilled union with a compatible spouse. Couples who truly love each other, share all life has to offer. This type of line is a 100% support system that is reciprocated. Long unions may show wear and tear, the ups and downs a family has endured.

In time couples begin to look, act and feel like one another, react in the same way, hate and love the same things, learn each other’s habits and routines. In true love one never says, “I love you but you have enormous feet”. Nobody can change the size of his or her feet! By accepting the essence of their mate without qualifications or conditions in an affectionate, giving relationship, one demonstrates mature love. In a solid, loving relationship both partners simply “know” real love.

My reply: enter into the mainstream of life, be a participant, explore new avenues, experiment, and seek change for self. The soul mate relationship is unique because it reunites two individuals who knew each other when both lived on this planet during another lifetime. If an individual has a need and their soul mate feels and acknowledges their longing for the “call home”, they respond in kind to their need.


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