Soul Mate Connections

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Most individuals believe they know and understand the term “soul mate”, but if asked to define it they can simply answer with fuzzy meanings that do not convey the true meaning. The definition of a SOUL MATE: one who bonds with another, instantly familiar with them, as if they are created as one; two minds working in tandem as a single unit, nurturing and loving. Soul mates connect at a soul level. They feel what the other is experiencing simultaneously. Both are constantly searching for their equal.

Soul mates have “agreements” established in a previous karmic past to share their evolutionary growth. Having had experiences with that individual in a previous lifetime causes something to spark when they reunite. An open, care-free attitude and creativity are present where risk-taking helps in the acceptance of the individual. Both people in the relationship experience spontaneity, fresh ideas and change. The relationship is assumed to remain in good standing, in existence forever. Wisdom in life situations is not found in books or magazines but something attained only through living and having experiences. The inner travel of the soul is a gift we can give ourselves. “When we get in touch with our own essence, feel our soul and understand a sense of what gives us true happiness, then the discovery of old worn-out patterns is realized. Releasing old patterns allows new and healthier ones to emerge.

The admission to self, “I want my other half, my true soul mate” is sent out into the universe. Your true soul mate reads the signal as a gut-wrenching cry for him or her and answers the “call” home.

Being in touch with one’s higher self and connecting to one’s scared self are the real benefits of palmistry. The lines on a human palm are the indicators of the major influences and movements one faces in life. The human hand is considered the mirror of the soul. The hand is also the servant of the human brain. Palmistry searches for the truth that enables knowing the true nature of another.
Palmistry addresses the following issues: relationships, family, friendships, love, soul mate, emotional turmoil, dreams, ambition, future goals and creating work that gives one’s heart joy. Palmistry also helps one find his or her spiritual path, create more meaning and build a more fulfilling life.

1. Commitment to learning, personal transformation
2. Emotionally open, compassionate
3. Integrity, honesty
4. Maturity, responsibility
5. Good self-esteem, self confident
6. Self-improvement
7. Positive attitude
8. Sharing ideas, opinions, and feelings
9. Trustworthiness
10. Sensitive
11. Passionate
12. Pride in self
13. Good self image
14. Cooperative
15. Sexual chemistry


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