Soul Mate Connections

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Truthfulness is the strongest aphrodisiac, the only real way to keep romance flowing in a close relationship. Soul mates are known to produce a powerful energy. Love is a stepping-stone in the development of an individual; the total commitment to another,” quoted by author and palmist, Myrna Lou Goldbaum from her newly released book, “SOUL MATE CONNECTIONS” Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Relationships, Love, Romance and Soul Mates, Infinity Publishing.

Universally appealing, this book sends messages to transform thinking about love. Outstanding in the explanation of the concept of soul mate, it contains fascinating client palm reading sessions from the author’s diary exposing the passion and desires of people from all walks of life.

The undercurrent theme in every reading is always the “call home” imprinted on the human palm. Soul mates never die; reincarnation exists. Past lives can be detected on the palm. Karma is explained as payback debt from previous lives where one’s business has to be completed in this one. Soul mates bring all the goodness they have learned and acquired from other lifetimes into this world, leaving earlier mistakes behind. Palmist Goldbaum says, “Hands are the mirror to the soul.”

A practical guidebook using palmistry as the vehicle that drives the vision, “SOUL MATE CONNECTIONS” is a must read for singles, married people, soul sisters, mother and daughters or two men connected in friendship.


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