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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Quotations That got My Interest Today

Success comes from shifting from wishbone to backbone.

A To-Do list is helpful but a Don't-Do list is also needed.

I wanted to share these quotes with my readers today.

I heard on Montel's tv show from Sylvia Browne that the odd number years = completion and even numbered years = achievements and success.
In Numerology: take the year 2007 and add the numbers together they equal a 9. That is a completion year in this modality.

Take the year 2008 and add the numbers together; you get 10. Cancel 0 and it = 1 which in Numerology is a Master.

Th number 8 stands for prosperity and money. What else is there but an upward swing for all on this planet in this new year?


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