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Friday, December 28, 2007

Back in the saddle again! I have been away for awhile but will be blogging a lot from now on


Myrna Lou Goldbaum


Every new year I am bombarded with questions about the coming year. To me every New Year is like a bright shiny penny. If it stays on the ground it will get tarnished and drab-looking but if it is picked up with enthuiasum it has a chance to gleam in the light.

I am asked “What does the new year have in store for me? This question is asked by everyone who has a palm reading with me. People seek answers and want to know what to look for in their near future, what to steer clear of and how to manage whatever life throws at them. By knowing ahead of the curve they are one step ahead of the game.

The human palm is a storehouse of valuable information. It holds secrets to one’s past, shows what is going on in one’s life today and it fortells what is about to happen to the individual in the future. The lines are like a road map that someone insightful who is in the “know”, such as a Palmist can decipher to guide one in the decision-making process we all have to go through at various times in life.

Excerpt from my book MAY I SEE YOUR HAND? Palm reading for Fun and Profit

"Life, like a stream, moves in an endless cycle of experience; the rites of passage must be endured by everyone. A Palm Reader can listen and advise. There are many lessons to be learned. Every line on the human hand has a meaning with numerous possibilities connected to it. A person might move in several different directions during their lifetime; the trick is to find the right combination and make the correct moves at the proper time in love, work and play."

Life is full of diversity, in situations, personalities and the choices one must make. Everyone needs to think before taking any action, then follow through to completion. A palm reading aids in an individual’s progress toward steps necessary to move forward in life. Hands are the mirror of the soul. When a problem exists a solution can be found that will be beneficial for the person if they are shown there are choices available. Palmistry does not make the decision. The individual must use free will and go with the best possible route to correct a situation, alter it or change it completely.

A reading can hit high and low points in a person’s life. The lines do not lie; they are imprinted on a hand, present at birth. It is the time element of living and moving from one experience to another during a lifetime that changes their direction. Sometimes a line stops for no apparent reason. Sometimes lines meander across other markings then stop. Some start in another time frame. Example: A person in their 20’s could be going in one direction but by their late 30’s change and go in another. The lines will show the switch, sometimes for the better, sometimes not.


This is depicted on the palm by:

1. Past experiences

2. Character and personality

3. Talent, ability and creativity

4. Hereditary characteristics

5. Health throughout the entire lifetime of the person


This is displayed on the palm by:

1. The fastest route one may take to attain success

2. The best way one may travel to reach their self-set goals

3. Needs, desires and wishes


This is shown on the palm by:

1. Lifestyle questions about family and relationships

2. Challenges one faces daily in personal life

3. Situations one encounters in the business world


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