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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

NEWS TO SHARE FROM MYRNA LOU GOLDBAUM, Master Palmist and Author It has been a long time since I was active on this blog. I'm baack! I have exciting news to share. My latest book, a paranormal fiction book with a palm reader in it, CRUISE TO THE OTHER SIDE is being published by ABUZZ PRESS. It should be on the market in about a month. I would love to hear from friends, relatives, and clients plus anyone else who might want to get in on the first batch of books I will be selling. I am an author of three palmistry books, all non-fiction. This is my first fiction book and I hope to be writing another one soon. Synopsis: A dysfunctional family, Shirley and Reggie, her daughter embark on a Mother-Daughter get-away Caribbean cruise vacation. They have a mean-spirited argument on the St Thomas port stop. Reggie tells her Mother to return to the ship, she needs alone time to cool off. Upset, Shirley returns to the ship alone and falls down the marble atrium steps; it is a life-threatening accident. She dies in the Medical Center on board. Meanwhile Reggie discovers an occult shop on St Thomas as she wanders and decides to have a reading. The old native palm reader says “A problem with somebody close. You never make eye-to-eye, agree; you opposite. This person, miss you all times, but you not give her much thought. If you not get confusion made today undone, this person face harm. She shows love but you not return. She tries talk with you, but you back talk. I see misfortune for her on this palm. If no fix, a terrible end for this person. Work, make right before too late. I see white figure, wings flapping. It be angel or big white bird. Do you know of angels or big white bird? This come two times when right for you learn. It want guide you. Make change quick. The fates speak.” Back on board the daughter learns of her Mother’s passing. She is depressed and remains in her cabin for three days when she decides to swim in the against-the-current pool to release some pent up anger and frustration. A huge wave hits the ship and she is thrown against the side of the pool and almost drowns. 1 Sara, an intuitive counselor and a dinner mate from the first night on board, is the sole sunbather at the time, dives in to save Reggie. She unloads her deepest feelings to Sara, who befriends her. Numerous instances of Shirley trying to contact her daughter occur but Reggie doesn’t understand what anything means. Sara walks her through the metaphysical maze she finds herself in and explains the other side. She teaches her how to cope with life. Reggie learns about herself and her feelings for her Mother in spite of their differences. Finally, she understands that to grow she has to change her thinking and behavior to take responsibility for her life. At her Mother’s funeral in Ohio she has visions at the gravesite. She goes to Phoenix to work in her Mother’s condo to prepare it for sale when she is approached by a voice in the middle of the night when she is asleep. It is her Guardian Angel who informs her of a buried treasure her Mother put aside for her family. She must locate a map Shirley hid and then decipher the location of the money. Reggie spends an entire day tearing the condo apart but she cannot find the map. She thinks she sees a grey being every so often in the apartment, then dismisses it. The Guardian Angel sends her to the storage shed in search of it. She discovers the map but can’t figure it out so she calls Your Psychic Radio Show for help. The host is a psychic and tells her to purchase a crystal ball that will show her where to find the cash. She buys a large one at a metaphysical book store and is almost mugged by two homeless men on the street. Her Guardian Angel throws up an invisible barrier and they are unable to grab her. He warns her to be careful. She has an encounter with an imposter posing as the radio show Producer. Because she is having no luck in finding the money she is finally joined by her estranged husband. He tells her about the visit to their Pediatrician with Candi, their six year old daughter, when she was on vacation. The doctor was suspicious of a rash Candi developed and said it could be an auto immune disease, Dock 8. He took three blood samples and sent them to Washington D.C. to be evaluated; the test results take a month. Reggie is shaken and stressed by the news. Her husband explains the Children’s Hospital in Denver is doing experimental drugs on patients with the disease. The cost of the treatments that run almost a full year are $10,000 a month and insurance does not cover it. Now they really need to find the money Shirley left for them. They continue searching for the hidden treasure together and unravel the mystery. They discover a cookie tin hidden in her Mother’s storage shed, wedged into the false bottom of a box of keepsakes. It contained hundred dollar bills jammed into it. There was a million dollars in it. So get in touch with me if this storyline intrigues you. 303-651-6273


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